Polson Stone

Foregathered wi’ the beast

I am standing in a lay-by of the A9, 2 miles north of Brora. I am face to face, for the first time, with a stone that I encountered a…


Architecture for All

Maria-Chiara Piccinelli is director of PiM.studio Architects in London. She is a strong believer in the importance of public spaces for a city to thrive, and in the crucial role…


Hildaland is a hidden island, said to rise in the mist between two tides. When spotted by a sailor, they had to sail towards it without taking their eyes off…

OmVed Gardens © Thomas Broadhead

Rewilding the Exhibition

When artist Beatrice Searle approached me about co-curating an exhibition and symposium responding to the rewilding movement, I was struck by the potential richness of the topic. I had only…

Bill Traylor

Join The Learned Pig!

The Learned Pig is looking for two new section editors to take a lead as we expand and adapt our editorial offering over the course of 2019. Each new section…

Caroline Harris


Beyond the chain-link fence of my primary school, across the alleyway into town, was a land of fascination. We called it the ‘waste ground’ and I’d wander there looking for…

Kimberly Campanello


Kimberly Campanello on her series of poems that memorialises those who died at St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home, Ireland. Part of Radical Landscapes.