Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate deeply involved in grassroots organizing to bring awareness to the parallels between community and global issues. Gaynor is of Jamaican and European ancestry, and finds that the lens of a mixed race experience enhances his appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives. Unable to neatly fall into any given category, Gaynor prides himself in being able to integrate through emotional, human connection.

Marching Orders

  The drums began to crescendo, War horses and infantry prepare; A performance all to common in history. Footsteps echo through corridors, Marching to the drumbeat’s cacophony. Left, left, left-right-left…

Compassionate Climate Activism

Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate Chris Gaynor on the compulsion to protect, educate and care for our species.