Ellie Broughton

Ellie Broughton

Ellie Broughton is a 28 year-old writer and editor from Walthamstow, London. She has previously written for Cadaverine, Queen Mob's Teahouse and New Nature London, as well as appearing in an anthology published by For Books' Sake. In her working life, she is the features editor for the UK's main magazine for GPs, and also helps to produce The Sunday Times's iPad edition. She loves horror films, weird fiction, Edna O'Brien, photography, and stories about places. She hates whimsy and is still trying to get it all out of her system.

Crossing Over

Late November in Malaga is beautiful and easy: sun, cloudless skies and highs in the upper twenties. The olive trees bask in the late late heat, the Mickey-Mouse-head-shaped cactuses bloom…

Hackney marshes

The Rapture

I dreamed I was the only one left in the world. It was a Friday. I was going to see you all Monday. I went to the marshes on Friday…