Hilary Hall

Hilary Hall

While writing science fiction under another name, Hilary Hall became interested in edgeland exploration, emotional geography, and the hidden histories of suburban and industrial landscapes. She is writing a novel about memory, identity, alienation, and the psychogeography of Chicago's Calumet Region, where she lives and works. "Our Wings" is her first short publication.


All aboard, climb inside! Back of the van! Get back, Loretta! Only 1500 miles to the promised land! Farm jobs, construction, cleaning, meatpacking, don’t bleed when you’re cut or you…

Peppered Moth

Our Wings

Fair is fair, and clear is clean. Clean air is clear, clear air is clean, though I fathom the factories fair fouled it up. Particulate, exudate, aerosols, mud, benzene, dioxins,…