Katie Gourley

Katie Gourley

As a creative professional with experience working as a community organizer, advocate, educator, and practitioner of sustainable food systems, Katie's interests lie at the intersection of baking, food culture, biodiversity, and socio-ecological justice.

She explores these ideas through baking, research, writing, zine-making, and community events. She has worn many different hats in the food and agriculture world, including as a baker, cheesemonger, event planner, farmers market manager, and culinary educator. She works as a creative consultant with the Culinary Breeding Network and serves on the Board of Directors for Certified Naturally Grown.

In 2019, she received her Masters in Urban Planning with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design where her thesis on the political ecology of community seed saving was the recipient of the Harvard Urban Planning and Design Thesis Prize. She is a collector of recipes, heirloom beans, poems about food, and visions of feminist utopias.

Holding Hands with the Land

They mix, knead, pour, roll, and pinch off hidden tastes. They leave streaks of butter on my glasses or fingerprints of flour on my clothes. Scattered burns, cuts, and calluses…