Phoebe Colley

Phoebe Colley

Phoebe Colley is a London based writer and all-round book lover. Since graduating from Goldsmiths in 2015 with a degree in art history, she has worked for two independent publishers, Eros Press and Repeater Books, on titles including Dante's Broken Hammer, The Psychopath Factory, Family (vol 1) and Eros Journal – a biannual publication devoted to innovative cultural critique. Maintaining a focus on psychoanalysis and social constructions, she continues to write for PYLOT Magazine, with pieces ranging from the commodification of the voice to aesthetic déjà vu. Her interests include surrealism, rum and authors that make you feel a bit queasy.

Patrick Coyle, The Floating Thirty-Nine. Credit: Peter Kidd, 2016.

Archipelagos of Rest

The God of Genesis had no use for islands; land rose from sea all at once, assured with purpose. Like cognition, the divine continent is quantifiably useful, brokering communal exchange…

Jiang Zhi The world is yours, as well as ours - Display 24

Duelling Hagiographies: Mao and Modernism

The world is yours as well as ours: a statement in which ancestry maintains a dialectic with reconstruction; engineered to mobilise disjunctions with the past over a period spanning sixty…