Tom Jeffreys

Tom Jeffreys

Tom is a writer and curator, and editor of The Learned Pig. He writes primarily about contemporary art, and is particularly interested in work that crosses over into the sciences or explores our relationship with the environment. His writing has been published in, among others, Apollo, Frieze, Monocle, New Scientist, The Independent, and World of Interiors. His first book - Signal Failure: London to Birmingham, HS2 on foot - was published by Influx Press in 2017.

Mark Storor, The Barometer of My Heart

The Barometer of My Heart

On 20th February 2002, at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), in Paris, philosopher Jacques Derrida asked an audience of students the following question: “The phallus, I…

Finite and Alive

It’s rare for me to write about artists whose work I have never seen face to face. It’s hard to respond through a screen to something created to be viewed…

Halonen, Pekka, Washing on the Ice, 1900

Editorial: Clean Unclean

My side of the desk is scrupulously clean. The other half is a mess of dust and papers, temporarily abandoned books, a pair of tights, a lump of local granite….

IC-98, still from Theses on the Body Politic - Colony - 2010

A View from the Other Side

Spot-lit in the cavernous darkness, a model of a city. A model city: monotone, empty, pure, with the pristine edges of laser-cut steel glinting under light. It sits in the…

Lost in Fathoms

Stumbling dim across the surface of the earth: humanity. Our legacy not culture or religion or science, but ruin. Our lasting traces that of footprints, not brain waves. Is this…

Hayley Potter

Reimagining the British Witch

My first encounter with the works of Hayley Potter was in 2008, and the Secret Creature project: a diverse melange of strange, semi-believable owl-sheep-cat-bat-birds that flocked together in the branches…

Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson

Oikeusjuttu (The Trial)

In Finland, the wolf is both more and less than an animal; it is a symbol. And this November sees a court case in which the very nature of that…

Mark Peter Wright - Tasked to Hear

Tasked to Hear

On 30th March 2013 Mark Peter Wright made his way to a point in South Gare – a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of reclaimed land to the south of Teesmouth – and…

Hauser and Wirth Somerset

What Was Once the Threshing Barn

Public/private, urban/rural, commercial/not-for-profit: it’s not like the waters between the two have ever been crystal clear, but now, with the opening in Somerset of the latest outpost of contemporary art…

Tom Jeffreys Ecuador

Walking in the Sky

A small brown kestrel rises over the crest of a hill and pauses, hanging in the wind, scanning the fields below. With a tilt of its wings, it shifts vantage…

Juan Fernando Herrán, Campo Santo, 2006

The Beast is not only the Tiger

The top floor of a modernist apartment block seems an unlikely location for the studio of an artist best-known for his engagement with botany. Nonetheless this is where we find…