Big Bad Wolf


I’m in love with a big bad wolf.
It’s causing a bit of a fuss,
but when I saw him on Tinder
I knew he was the one;
there was nothing left to discuss.

My brothers told me to dump him,
or they’d jump him.
Send him back up North.
They would get me a man from around here,
one of us; a local lad.
I would get over my wolf,
in the end I would be glad.

Sod that.

He’s my tall dark stranger.
Ripped, great muscle tone.
My Mr Darcy, my Bond,
no baggage, lives alone.
I love that he’s tuned into nature;
addicted to danger.
Likes to live life on the edge
…of a forest.

When I first heard his voice,
a symphony of gravelly tones
all low and wild;
it vibrated right through me,
melted my bones.

I really don’t care
about the comments or warnings.
I like he isn’t your average guy
and I certainly don’t believe he is a serial …dater.
He says we should embrace our uniqueness,
ignore the haters.

This attraction can’t be wrong,
It’s far too strong.

Especially when his big brown eyes
scan my body with desire.
And his guitar-ready nails rake my thighs.
‘I could eat you up’, he sighs.
Well, my back arches, my lips pucker
and I whisper into his elegant ear,
‘Oh! You are a big… bad… wolf.’

I like to run my fingers
through his long auburn tresses.
So what if he occasionally
likes to wear old woman dresses?
His scent is all male
and I’m in the middle
of my own fairy tale.

Oh! what the heck!
He’s my big bad wolf.


Part of The Learned Pig’s Wolf Crossing editorial season, spring/summer 2017.


The Learned Pig

Lesley Traynor

Lesley Traynor's writing has appeared in national anthologies, literary magazines and online. She is a Scottish Slam Poetry finalist and opened World Community Arts Day 2016 in Edinburgh performing poetry with her own projected art and at the Edinburgh Fringe, Callander Poetry Weekend and Electric Field Festival. Passionate about supporting other writers, she founded Words are our Art and produces and supports the development of Poetry Films in Scotland through Fierce Poetry in Motion. She is on the committee for The Federation of Writers (Scotland) and a member of Scottish Writers' Centre. She writes novels under L A Traynor.