Bill Traylor

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The Learned Pig is looking for two new section editors to take a lead as we expand and adapt our editorial offering over the course of 2019. Each new section…

Kimberly Campanello


Kimberly Campanello on her series of poems that memorialises those who died at St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home, Ireland. Part of Radical Landscapes.

Growing in Greece

A-1 Publishers introduces its publications on Moria Refugee Camp: two selections The garden is alive, taking root. As the plants grow, they meet other travellers. Some come here to talk,…

Richard Skelton Look Away

The Look Away

  Although I cannot see them, I know they are out there. Hare. Fox. Raven. Each waiting to play their part. – Richard Skelton, The Look Away     A…

We Were Strangers

We Were Strangers

A friend of mine passed away a few months ago and, although we were never especially close, his death affected me deeply. For a time afterwards I found myself impelled,…

Jessica Ciccarelli - barbeque

Beggars, Sinners, and Barbeque

Honeysuckles line the drive as you ramble down our old gravel road and pull into the front yard. Past the rose bushes and satsuma trees, the first thing you see…

pig dreams

Pig Dreams Pig Life

In some dreams we are dead. It is never a surprise. Life doesn’t last long after all. Someone did ask, what is a life? Does it feel like something? Is…


Rethinking Mythogeography

I first came across Phil Smith in Walking, Writing and Performance, in which he appears as ‘The Crab Man’, an alter ego also credited as one of the contributors to…