Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen is a series of photographs with all the dirt, dust, specs and scratches left on the negatives to be visible after scanning. The aim is to explore the intricate dialogue between process and subject and between what is acceptable and unacceptable in photographic process.

When displayed online against a pure white background, it is almost impossible to see the star-like dirt and dots that are all over the photos. The darker background below is to try and bring out these imperfections as perfectly as possible.


Slaven Gabric 1

Slaven Gabric 8

Slaven Gabric 7

Slaven Gabric 6

Slaven Gabric 5


Part of The Learned Pig’s Clean Unclean editorial season, March-May 2015.


The Learned Pig

Slaven Gabric

Slaven Gabric is an artist who investigates the potential in the medium of photography. He shifts through different aspects of the medium and interrupts the usual expectations. His artistic practice also extends to drawing, painting and multimedia. Slaven is a Fine Art – Painting graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He has been recently shortlisted for the Schwartz Gallery Open (London) and Charlie Dutton Gallery Photomedia Open Salon (London).