Leap Towards Yourself

This February sees the publication a new book that spans the entire career of Israeli photographer Sharon Ya’ari. Coinciding with a major exhibition of his work at the Tel Aviv Museum, Leap Towards Yourself demonstrates Ya’ari’s interest in the apparently mundane and frequently overlooked. Frozen in the photograph, however, these scenes become the subject of a scrutiny which reveals, if not layers exactly, then a lingering sense of something akin to unease, of an event just missed. Whether such unease – or more accurately, such lack of interpretative clarity – is created by the viewer, the photographic act, or the scene itself, remains, perpetually, to be seen.


Sharon Ya’ari – Leap Towards Yourself is published by Steidl.


Sharon Ya’ari, Bridge with Flowers, Route 42 • 2013










Image credits (top to bottom):
Tel Yavne Archaeological Mound, Summer, 2012
Bridge with Flowers, Route 42, 2013
Rashi Street, Tel Aviv, 2008
Mother and Daughter, 2000
Cypresses, 2001
Route 6, 2010


The Learned Pig

The Learned Pig

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