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Before submitting your work, please take some time to familiarise yourself with The Learned Pig and get a sense of the kinds of work that we’re interested in publishing.

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Please send all work to The Learned Pig’s editor, Tom Jeffreys:

We would especially like to hear from people who are underrepresented in the fields of art and arts publishing – in particular people who identify as BAME, disabled, LGBT, or low income.


Please note: we are only seeking submissions that engage with the following subjects:




An examination of agriculture, systems of food production, and lines of division or connection through the landscape. Fields asks: how does the geography of agricultural fields influence the way we eat? Does the way we eat define who we are? And if so, how do we decide what is ethical to grow and eat?
Editor: Marloe Mens

Pierrette Bloch


Individual, collective, urban, rural, poetic, biological: this section attempts to think through the ways that rhythm dictates life. We are just as interested in explorations and considerations of rhythm as a feature and product of art, and as we are of rhythm as a component of the artistic process.
Editor: Rachel Goldblatt

Jussi Kivi

Root Mapping

Root Mapping seeks to understand journeys and maps as possible modes of artistic or political resistance. What is sparked when today’s mapping is guided by a desire for beauty instead of power, when maps are living creations, arising – like beauty itself – from our engagement and attention?
Editor: Melanie Viets

Microbial Selfies


Rot gets knee-deep in the messiness of interspecies contaminations. It invites work that questions single-authorship through ecological entanglements, both destructive and useful. What becomes of messy origin stories in the midst of late-stage capitalism and climate chaos? What tools and practices remind us that self-made Man is myth?
Editor: Julia Cavicchi


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