A Field Guide to East London Wildlife

A Field Guide to East London Wildlife

Humans are not the only species undergoing a process of urbanisation. It is well documented that we have made a mess of this planet, and – depending on who you…

Terike Haapoja and Laura Gustafsson

Oikeusjuttu (The Trial)

In Finland, the wolf is both more and less than an animal; it is a symbol. And this November sees a court case in which the very nature of that…

Gary Budden & Gareth E Rees - Rye's Valhalla

Rye’s Valhalla

Influx Press’s editor-at-large, Gary Budden, and author of Marshland, Gareth E. Rees, venture into Rye Harbour with inadequate footwear and a 1904 guide to Sussex. They discover more than they’d…

Kathryn Fleming - Modern Naturalism synthetic biology

Modern Naturalism

In 1958, the great Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser published the Mould Manifesto against Rationalism in Architecture. In it he declared, with characteristic chutzpah, that: “Only the engineers and scientists who…

Tom Jeffreys Ecuador

Walking in the Sky

A small brown kestrel rises over the crest of a hill and pauses, hanging in the wind, scanning the fields below. With a tilt of its wings, it shifts vantage…

Garden of Eden

Animals are good to think [with]

Animals are good to think [with] – Claude Lévi-Strauss     To be in two minds, think amoeba. To sell tea, think chimp. To build your own beak, think owl….

Juan Fernando Herrán, Campo Santo, 2006

The Beast is not only the Tiger

The top floor of a modernist apartment block seems an unlikely location for the studio of an artist best-known for his engagement with botany. Nonetheless this is where we find…


No Rural Fantasy

The anti-pastoral of Cynan Jones I’m a Londoner through and through; a city person fascinated by everything the city is not. The rural worlds outside of mine are compelling, attractive,…

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The Dogs of El Chalten

The village of El Chalten is a service settlement. Located in the Parque Nacional los Glaciares in Patagonia, southern Argentina, the village is a four-hour walk to a network of…

Jambi Huasi 2

Psychosis in the Andes

Dr Patricio practices indigenous medicine in a small clinic in the Andes. Sometimes he describes himself as a doctor, sometimes as a yachac or shaman. Here, the two are interchangeable….