Going to Ground

Root systems as a metaphor for friends, family and routines: new lockdown garden paintings and drawings by artist Emma Cousin.

Compassionate Climate Activism

Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate Chris Gaynor on the compulsion to protect, educate and care for our species.

Redundant, Outdated, Trivial

In praise of decomposition, fermentation and transformation by Fin Jordão, the water and waste officer at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales.

stimuleringsfonds creative industrie

Open Call: Fields

    *** We are open for submissions! ***     In May 1982, American artist Agnes Denes began to transform a two acre empty plot at the foot of…

OmVed Gardens © Thomas Broadhead

Rewilding the Exhibition

When artist Beatrice Searle approached me about co-curating an exhibition and symposium responding to the rewilding movement, I was struck by the potential richness of the topic. I had only…

Manzar Sammi

Paradise Past

In The Land of Black Gold (which is part of the collection of Tintin books and happens to be one of my favorites) there is an episode where Thomson and…

Un(in)tended Garden

Notes on that which grows without us Urbs en Horto – City in a Garden – that is my town’s motto.  To its architects, this was a matter of greenspace…

Unravelling Gardens

Along the Ijssel, a river that partly forms the border between the two eastern provinces Gelderland en Overijssel in the Netherlands, one can find a beautiful biodynamic garden known as…

Growing in Greece

A-1 Publishers introduces its publications on Moria Refugee Camp: two selections The garden is alive, taking root. As the plants grow, they meet other travellers. Some come here to talk,…

Michael Marder

The Garden as Form

This is not your garden-variety reflection on gardens. It is, in fact, extremely difficult to think about gardens, at a carefully calibrated distance thinking requires, because our minds are awash…

Marloe Mens

Gardening in the Tropics

    Brief Lives Gardening in the Tropics, you never know what you’ll turn up. Quite often, bones. In some places they say when volcanoes erupt, they spew out dense…