Peppered Moth

Our Wings

Fair is fair, and clear is clean. Clean air is clear, clear air is clean, though I fathom the factories fair fouled it up. Particulate, exudate, aerosols, mud, benzene, dioxins,…

Emma Wieslander, The Weight of Stone, Park 1

The Weight of Stone

The Weight of Stone (2014) is a body of work about the former mining town of Kopparberg in Sweden. Kopparberg used to be a sprawling mining town from the 17th…

Anais Tondeur, I.55 book GV Art

Anais Tondeur – I.55

Or, the girl who swallowed the remnants of a forest. “A century ago, a young girl swallowed a pencil.” So begins I.55, a beguiling new book by contemporary artist Anaïs…