John Stark


The Circe myth updated for the age of synthetic biology: disconcerting new writing by Erin Rogers, with accompanying art by John Stark.


Daegan Miller, author of This Radical Land, on moving house, making maps, and finding home – from Massachusetts to Wisconsin to New York and back again.

Lady Lazarus

An in-depth interview with London-based artist Kate Dunn, exploring the importance of rhythm in her dynamic abstract paintings.

Collaborations on the Corner

Collaboratively produced paintings on cardboard by Phill Hopkins and Jadene Imbush – part of a larger project on the UK’s burgeoning homelessness crisis.

Sheds and Silos

I paint landscape from life and, as I live in London, frequently the subject of the work is buildings. I chose these four images for the project for their particular…

Giancarlo Scaglia

Gold and Guano

“Thinking takes place in the relationship of territory and the earth,” wrote Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in Geophilosophy, an essay published in their 1991 collection, What is Philosophy? Standing…

Pierrette Bloch

Open call: Rhythm

  *** We are open for submissions! ***   From the impact of clocks on notions of time, to the effects of computers, trains and planes on experiences of modern…

Simon Carroll

Unsent Letter to an Old Art Teacher

Dear Adrian, I’m not drawing anymore. There, I’ve said it. I didn’t become an artist like you always said I could. I write stories now instead. I have always wanted…

Maxim Peter Griffin

Keep the Ink Moving

The art of Maxim Peter Griffin attunes itself to the spirit of a place. Or is it spirits? His work taps the frequencies that thrum, seldom heard, through the worlds…

Gordon Cheung – Unknown Knowns

Unknown Knowns is Gordon Cheung’s third exhibition at Edel Assanti, London. The exhibition’s title is drawn from Slavoj Zizek’s observation that Donald Rumsfeld’s theory of knowledge omitted a crucial fourth…

Deborah Westmancoat

The World Without Us

Deborah Westmancoat is a British contemporary painter based in Somerset, UK. She has a long term interest in alchemy and the philosophical sciences and how they help us to understand…