Map of the Sanggar peninsula, 1847

Frankenstein: Before the Beginning

  Every thing must have a beginning… and that beginning must be linked to something that went before. – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.     It was precisely two hundred years…

Toads breeding

An Orgy of Toads

Soon after the clocks have gone forward and April Fools has passed, a spring event occurs which has yet to capture the popular imagination in quite the same way as…

Joseph Constantine Stadler, active 1780–1812, British, Fort Marlborough from Old Bencoolen, Sumatra, 1799, 1799, Aquatint, Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection


In 1818, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, newlywed husband of Sophia, Governor-General of Bencoolen, surveyed the island of Singapore, which was made a British colony early the following year.   i….

Mike Beauregard, Prehnite

What is listing?

    What is lost when words are wasted? Tomatoes. What is trust when tomatoes are wasted? What is truth? Men, words, hours, waist? When wait women. What is lost…


The man used to think that cars grew on trees. He imagined them growing like apples or lemons, weighing down the boughs of trees until they snapped and the cars…

CO2 Cherries

    I Rust thing against rot Thing against resting skin red Cheery parallel Lines the blinds of grey once gold Then wood between me and sand.   II I…

Euclid's First Definition

Euclid’s First Definition

    Cover image: Euclid, Stoicheia (Elements). Manuscript, Constantinople, September 888. MS. D’Orville 301, fols. 113v-114r © Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (via Alain R. Truong)    

from ‘swims’

swims is a long poem documenting wild swims across the UK. swims starts and end in Devon, my home county, moving through Somerset, Surrey, the Lake District, London, Wales and…

Corbel Stone Press - Reliquiae III


If writing is an act of preservation, it is a flawed one. Words change their meanings, books rot, papers burn, whole libraries are lost to time. The longevity of a…

The New Concrete

The history of concrete poetry charts a path from utopia to dystopia. You could say that there’s a secret history of the second half of the twentieth century embedded in…