Lead drainpipe


  With drains for legs the rain runs off you And though it’s always cold, (with lead for legs) it’s not wet. Black roots are hard but damp liquorice runs…

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior - Strandgade 30


  Covered in filth, a disastrous clumsy brain excavates deep to identify causality.   Distrusting and perilous, Broken mirror images echo an unsung nursery rhyme in an incomprehensible language. For…


  We holidayed through its incubation. Time spent with family, the large, extended swell of us, in a rented house by a winter sea. What we shared that Christmas would…

Painting of a Mouse, by Shibata Zeshin

Of a Mouse, To a Mouse

The clean pink two back feet he has have long toes almost like a bird’s. Unlike a bird’s, the tail, a draggled earthworm, limps behind his search. Head joined on…

Gao Qipei - Stag. Walters Art Museum

In Richmond Park

Here is the cusp of November colour: deer in a nicotine prairie. Trunks snaked by squirrels, clouds and crows over yellow and russet leaf-rag. On thin legs, bulbous-jointed like twiglets,…

Nain Persian rug

Multiverses 263-396: Another Worlds iz Possible

After John Bell, Momus, Heisenberg, Jonathan Swift, I Ching, Calvino, and Shrodinger   Multiverse 263 The Multiverse in which multiplication is always exponential across galaxies. For every status update posted…

Rembrandt - The Philosopher in Meditation


  For A.G.     The fire called the shadows in They rushed to occupy every perimeter Crowded the mantelpiece, jostled with sharp elbows Tore up the carpets and hung…

Garden of Eden

Animals are good to think [with]

Animals are good to think [with] – Claude Lévi-Strauss     To be in two minds, think amoeba. To sell tea, think chimp. To build your own beak, think owl….