Sam Wilson Fletcher

Toast to the Spring / waveformed

  Toast to the Spring   Black fangs to the east, badlands to the west, the world beyond — glaciers, jungles, dunes and meadows — and home, the garden and…

Emma Wieslander, The Weight of Stone, Park 1

The Weight of Stone

The Weight of Stone (2014) is a body of work about the former mining town of Kopparberg in Sweden. Kopparberg used to be a sprawling mining town from the 17th…

Lost in Fathoms

Stumbling dim across the surface of the earth: humanity. Our legacy not culture or religion or science, but ruin. Our lasting traces that of footprints, not brain waves. Is this…

Orford Ness

The Story of a Single Rock

Like many stories, this one begins with a rock, in fact one rock amongst many: the shifting shingle which geographically defines and continually redefines the salt marshes of Orford Ness….

Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Mirrors 2011


  give me a coin for the slot machine sky, I said and she gave me the sun and the polka dancing stars were sequins on night’s black dress give…