Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles

Do Not Touch the Artworks

From 1938-9 and for a period of over fifteen months, a cleaner at The British Museum set to work on the Parthenon Marbles. Using cooper tools, the worker began to…

Halonen, Pekka, Washing on the Ice, 1900

Editorial: Clean Unclean

My side of the desk is scrupulously clean. The other half is a mess of dust and papers, temporarily abandoned books, a pair of tights, a lump of local granite….

Hauser and Wirth Somerset

What Was Once the Threshing Barn

Public/private, urban/rural, commercial/not-for-profit: it’s not like the waters between the two have ever been crystal clear, but now, with the opening in Somerset of the latest outpost of contemporary art…

Ben Woodeson

Twelve-Fisted Boxing Caterpillar

On my way back from the gallery I took a train and experienced the usual flicker of annoyance when the conductor began speaking to us as if we were in…