Patrick Jacobs

Performance for the Anti-hero

New York-based artist Patrick Jacobs unfolds a carefully crafted stage that invite us to seek wonderment in both natural and unnatural landscapes that might easily be overlooked. Painstakingly constructed models…



A little over eight years ago Jeppe Hein, the Danish installation artist, gave a presentation at the Barbican at which he talked about his Modified Social Bench series. His installation…

The Couple on the Corner

On the corner of St Michael’s Church, Bryngwyn, a couple are fixed together in mortar. They are lying horizontally, one on the east wall, one on the south. Their heads…

Pork and Bitumen

Bitumen and Pork

Four busts and an image of creation. BITUMEN AND PORK was an installation to mark the post-performance cabaret of FEAST, a work by theatre company Clout at Battersea Arts Centre…

Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles

Do Not Touch the Artworks

From 1938-9 and for a period of over fifteen months, a cleaner at The British Museum set to work on the Parthenon Marbles. Using cooper tools, the worker began to…

Halonen, Pekka, Washing on the Ice, 1900

Editorial: Clean Unclean

My side of the desk is scrupulously clean. The other half is a mess of dust and papers, temporarily abandoned books, a pair of tights, a lump of local granite….

Hauser and Wirth Somerset

What Was Once the Threshing Barn

Public/private, urban/rural, commercial/not-for-profit: it’s not like the waters between the two have ever been crystal clear, but now, with the opening in Somerset of the latest outpost of contemporary art…

Ben Woodeson

Twelve-Fisted Boxing Caterpillar

On my way back from the gallery I took a train and experienced the usual flicker of annoyance when the conductor began speaking to us as if we were in…