Lost in Fathoms

Stumbling dim across the surface of the earth: humanity. Our legacy not culture or religion or science, but ruin. Our lasting traces that of footprints, not brain waves. Is this…

Orford Ness

The Story of a Single Rock

Like many stories, this one begins with a rock, in fact one rock amongst many: the shifting shingle which geographically defines and continually redefines the salt marshes of Orford Ness….


There is a sense of relief, upon leaving this exhibition, of being palpably bound up with pavement, sky and, a few short paces away, the murky heave and rush of…

Camilla Nelson poetry

She speaks

    in a hoar frost, she said:   the weather’s made a Miss Havisham’s wedding feast of this wood the dark of bark and leaf is cobwebbed over the…

Shorelines Festival 2013

Shorelines Festival 2013

The perennial danger of the small town literary festival is that it takes place solely within the confines of a conference centre / tent / town hall or other academic…

JMW Turner Keelmen heaving in Coal by MoonlightMoonlight

Turner and the Sea

Given that Joseph Mallord William Turner is widely considered to be one of the greatest painters of the sea in the history of British art, it seems slightly strange that…

Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Mirrors 2011


  give me a coin for the slot machine sky, I said and she gave me the sun and the polka dancing stars were sequins on night’s black dress give…