Peru gastronomy

The Cooked and the Half-Baked

  “The great press baron, Lord Northcliffe, used to tell his journalists that four subjects could be relied upon for abiding public interest: crime, love, money, and food. Only the…

The Future is the Past: Harwich, Essex

Harwich has a split personality. At the northeasternmost point of Essex, the old town is still laid out as the medieval port it once was, but it’s separated from the…

David Ludwig, Mexico border

The Reality of Race

Over the last few decades there has been some confusion about the category of race, a category that was once so central to all the social sciences. If race often…

Tom Jeffreys Ecuador

Walking in the Sky

A small brown kestrel rises over the crest of a hill and pauses, hanging in the wind, scanning the fields below. With a tilt of its wings, it shifts vantage…

The Junior Doctor

In the middle of a cabbage farm, an hour’s drive from the Andean town of Otavalo, Ecuador, is a small radio station on the ground floor of a farmhouse. Radio…

Jambi Huasi 2

Psychosis in the Andes

Dr Patricio practices indigenous medicine in a small clinic in the Andes. Sometimes he describes himself as a doctor, sometimes as a yachac or shaman. Here, the two are interchangeable….

Angelita, Ecuador

The Jambi Huasi Clinic

The town of Otavalo, just two hours from Quito, is a place where Ecuador’s indigenous Andean population has thrived for thousands of years. The Quichua indígenas (indigenous people) in Otavalo…