All Tomorrow’s Publishers

Peckham Pelican

Saturday-Sunday 17th & 18th October 2015, Noon – 5pm
The Peckham Pelican

This October, The Learned Pig is delighted to be co-curating All Tomorrow’s Publishers, a weekend fair for independent publishers, as part of the week-long Literary Kitchen Festival. Taking place at the Peckham Pelican in south London, the fair features a host of our favourite independent publishers and publications, plus there are readings, walks and talks going on throughout the week.

Visit the Literary Kitchen website for more details on the full festival programme, which features all manner of readings, workshops, short films, and even dog walking mornings with literary agents Carrie Kania and Jo Unwin.

Saturday of All Tomorrow’s Publishers is co-curated by The Learned Pig and has an emphasis on the visual arts; Sunday is co-curated by Nicci Praça and is all about poetry and literature.

We’re particularly excited to be holding our own table at the fair over the whole weekend. We’ll be selling artist books, magazines, handmade poetry pamphlets, and a range of other journals and publications by contributors to The Learned Pig. So if you’re a fan of what you’ve been reading here on the website, this is your chance to support our brilliant contributors.

We’ll be showcasing the work of David Atkinson, Jonny Briggs, Francesca Brooks, Mansour Chow, Cosima Gretton, Justin Hopper, Melanie King, Susan Richardson, Andi Schmied, Amber Stucke and Vishvantara.

All Tomorrow’s Publishers takes place at the Peckham Pelican, 92 Peckham Road, London SE15 5PY on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015.


The Learned Pig


Confirmed for Saturday 17th October are:

And Other Stories
And Other Stories is a not-for-profit, subscription based, literary publishing house working on the principle that great new books will be heard about and read thanks to the combined intelligence of a number of people. With the support of a growing band of subscribers and the help of our network of readers, writers, translators, editors, academics and critics, we have been able to publish some mind-blowing books form around the world.

Copy Press
Copy Press is an independent publishing company based in London, dedicated to extending ideas of writing, pictures and readability. Currently publishing 100-page paperbacks under the series name Common Intellectual, each title provides a proposition for living, thinking and enjoyment. Copy Press publishes authors whose work endeavours to bring writers and readers into a space where common voices can come together and gather mass.

Corbel Stone Press
Corbel Stone Press is a small, artist-run press based in Cumbria, northern England. We publish audio recordings, texts and art – specialising in handmade editions using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible. Our particular areas of interest are landscape, the poetics of place, ecology, folklore and animism.

Itinerant Poetry Librarian
Since May 2006 The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a free public library, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets. The library has now clocked up over 1000 hours of public library service, in 11 countries and 21 cities worldwide, in over 150 different locations.

Longbarrow Press
Sheffield-based Longbarrow Press was founded in 2006 by editor and publisher Brian Lewis. It has gained a reputation for its high quality publications and innovative performances (embracing film, painting, music and other media). Titles range across various formats, including pamphlets, boxes and CDs; many are designed and produced by hand, some in limited editions.

Nobody Books
Nobody Books was founded in 2005 by photographer Stephen Gill to exercise control over the publication of his books and to make the book a finished expression of the photographs, rather than just a shell to house them in. In 2011, Nobody Books was awarded Outstanding Publishing House of the Year at PHotoEspaña.

Poet for Hire
Poet For Hire is the latest incarnation of Flame Proof Moth, aka Tim Siddall, the musician best known for busking in the River Thames. Give him a subject, he’ll write you a poem, pay whatever you like. After years of tapping weakly at the writer’s block, Tim decided to try something drastic to break through the barrier, and Poet For Hire leaves no room for faffing about in front of a blank page.

Strange Attractor
In 2001 John Lundberg and Mark Pilkington instigated a series of events at London’s The Horse Hospital that ran for two years under the title ‘Strange Attractor’ (see images of our early events above). Since then Mark has continued to organise sporadic Strange Attractor events and to work on larger collaborative projects. In 2003, along with designer Ali Hutchinson, Mark edited and published Strange Attractor Journal One, an anthology (now out-of-print) of writing on neglected and esoteric cultural, historical and anthropological themes in keeping with the original events, that marked the first appearance of Strange Attractor Press. Over a decade since its inception, with numerous exhibitions and books in its past, and in its future, Strange Attractor Press continues its mission to celebrate unpopular culture.

Founded in 2006, super/collider is an independent agency based in London and Hong Kong. Working in and with people from the creative industries, we explore science from a pop cultural standpoint – bringing its wonders to new audiences through projects, parties, events, publishing and products.

The Swedenborg Society
The Swedenborg Society is a publisher, library, events space, museum, bookshop and registered charity based in Grade II listed premises in Bloomsbury, London. In addition to organizing events, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, performances and film screenings; we also publish a large selection of literature relating to the work of the philosopher, scientist, inventor, astronomer, mathematician, parliamentary figure and visionary Emanuel Swedenborg (1688–1772). The Society has kept Swedenborg’s works in print for over 200 years, in their original Latin, in English translation and in other languages too. More recent publications—creative and academic—have charted Swedenborg’s significant cultural legacy and impact.

Uniformbooks is an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies.

Wrecking Ball Press
Since 1997 Wrecking Ball Press has published high quality, cutting edge literature, building a national reputation that far exceeds its size. This is based on a commitment to connecting the most innovative and accessible novels and poetry with a readership not traditionally associated with literature. Wrecking Ball Press has a strong record of discovering exciting first time writers, many of whom have gone on to have further commercial and critical success with larger publishers.


The Learned Pig

The Learned Pig

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