Andrea Roe and Cath Keay

Andrea Roe and Cath Keay

Andrea Roe is a lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art and was Leverhulme Trust artist in residence at Scotland's Rural College from April 2016-17. Her work examines the nature of human and animal biology, behaviour, communication and interaction within specific ecological contexts. She has undertaken residencies in a number of institutions - ranging from the Wellcome Trust to the Crichton Royal Hospital, to the National Museums of Scotland - where she has learned about and responded to research projects and collections.

Cath Keay, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at ECA, focusses on sculpture and architecture as two ways to explore constructed form. Her thesis examined collaborative and 'un-authored’ strategies in sculpture and artists’ writing. She has worked with beekeepers and biologists to create artwork altered by the actions of social animals and so-called ‘pest’ organisms. As Helen Chadwick Fellow at the British School at Rome she encouraged ants to adapt political sloganeering. Her Middlesbrough Modern Beehives re-presented modular Brutalism as functioning beehives.

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