Angela Lord

Angela Lord

Angela Lord is a Modern Languages graduate, who trained as a newspaper reporter before branching out into magazine features. She has also taught languages, journalism and creative writing. Based in Surrey, she is currently freelance and writes online features, previews and reviews. Her interests include choral singing and appearing as a movie extra.


Being a Beast

Mankind has celebrated a close connection with the animal kingdom since our Stone Age ancestors dressed in furs and painted bison on cave walls. Mythology abounds with tales of creatures…

Christmas tree farm, Espoo Finland

Not Just Fir Christmas

The fir tree has had a part to play in traditional winter festivities across Northern Europe for centuries, and a plaque marks the spot where an evergreen was first displayed…

Laura Thorne, Murmuration of Starlings

Murmuration of Starlings

A huge mass of black sweeps across the sky; surging, swirling and constantly changing form. This is a murmuration of starlings, an extraordinary natural phenomenon seen in the autumn and…