Harry Saddler

Harry Saddler

Harry Saddler is an Australian writer of fiction and non-fiction. He was born in Canberra in 1979 and studied biology at the Australian National University. Since 2004 he has lived in Melbourne. He’s had two books of fiction published by Ginninderra Press, We Both Know: ten stories about relationships (2005) and Small Moments (2007), a short novel about the aftermath of the Canberra bushfires of 2003. Since 2008 he’s been writing and distributing weekly SMS stories and putting them on Twitter (@MondayStory). He writes about the ecological, physical, and philosophical interactions between humans and animals at www.noticinganimals.blogspot.com.

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Life in a Time of Plenty, III

Part 3: After Now summer is coming around again. Rain is neither surprise nor burden; a clear sky is nothing more than that. Now is a time of plenty: the…

Harry Saddler

Life in a Time of Plenty, II

Part 2: Deluge When the rain came, it came hard. In hindsight that shouldn’t have surprised anyone: the Australian environment is not gentle. By the time then-Minister for Agriculture Joe…

Life in a Time of Plenty, I

Part 1: Drought On New Year’s Day 2007, drought came to Melbourne. Water restrictions, previously moderate, were tightened, and overnight the residents of Australia’s second largest city found themselves in…