Louise Pallister

Louise Pallister

Artist and fellow animal, Louise Pallister’s practice encompasses aspects of drawing, printmaking and film to bear witness to the loss of elusive, extinct or endangered species. Her work considers these animal others and the implications of making marks about disappearance and absence. She gained her MA Fine Art from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2014, having completely ‘rebooted’ her practice and was awarded the Slaughterhaus Print Prize.

Animals out of Place

Animals Out of Place

There’s a post on Instagram; a photo mottled with gallery reflections, close-up and a little oblique. It shows a vintage glass slide of a zookeeper and his charge. It’s not…

Louise Pallister wolf monotype 1050

Significant Others

  If a lion could talk, we could not understand him. – Ludwig Wittgenstein     I am animal and so are you, but where do we start and end,…

Lives, Loves and Loss at Fenton House

The silvery tinkling of servants’ bells welcomes me into the house of merchant Joshua Gee. There’s a fire in the grate and sweet treats on offer in the Still Room…

Pallister Caged Extinction

Extinction and the Image

Animals. The non-human kind. They are everywhere in an increasingly virtual world and more often not there in reality. Our eyes and minds seem instinctively to search out and recognise…