Natalie Lawrence

Natalie Lawrence

Natalie Lawrence is a freelance natural history writer and science presenter with a special interest in all things monstrous and beastly. Following an undergraduate degree in zoology and masters in history of science, she completed her PhD on the natural histories of exotic monsters in the early modern period at the University of Cambridge in 2016. She currently lives in London with her partner, who kindly gave her a beautiful cabinet to house her natural history collection, in the hope that this would prevent the collection taking over every inch of living space. Good idea… didn’t work.

Hic fuerunt dracones

Scary Monsters I: mapping the landscape of monstrosity When early map-makers depicted the world, they filled in the familiar regions with exquisite detail – names, places and things thought to…


The monstrous body

Scary Monsters II: global greed and the gluttonous dodo Monsters are not just things that lurk under the bed. They are powerful images that have always been used to represent…


The chimaera

Scary Monsters III: collapsing space If you had walked into one of the princely Wunderkammern or cabinets of curiosity of seventeenth-century Europe, you would have been assailed by the wealth…