On the morning of April 21st, my phone showed several missed calls. My colleague Cath had been burgled in the early hours. We spoke briefly as she waited for the…

What is it like to be a pig?

Most people know little about the characters and habits of the farm animals that live around us, often hidden away from view in large industrial sheds. What are they like,…

How do we improve the lives of pigs?

Ever since the idea of ‘intensifying’ pig production began to be discussed there has been a lively debate surrounding the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of taking pigs from outside and housing…

pig dreams

Pig Dreams Pig Life

In some dreams we are dead. It is never a surprise. Life doesn’t last long after all. Someone did ask, what is a life? Does it feel like something? Is…

VIDEO: Pigs at Play

    This is part of CARNEVALE, a collaborative art-science project that explores animal welfare questions and the enthusiasm of pigs for investigative play. Click to see the rest.  …

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