Root Mapping

Audobon map

Mapping the In-Betweens

By the time I was seven I had moved house four times in three countries on two continents. A few years later, I found myself dropped into another new place:…

Amy Dover

Endlings: Drawing Extinction

There are many different approaches to drawing animals. In particular there was a shift in the 19th century away from French idealism towards an approach, led by British artists such…

Rebecca Partington

A Place That Mattered

The place where my son died had horses. Only because when a dying boy asks you for a horse, you find more than one. You make your way away from…

Mapping Edge

  Mapping Edge   Finger touched mapped faded edge, unending ink black shaped lines, tracing hillsides I walked as a child. Black tufted strokes, old rough pastures, where curlews once…

Yves Berger, Palestine map

Hommes sous Hommes, I

In 2005, I went to Palestine for three weeks with my parents, my wife and our daughter, aged two. We were invited to carry out workshops with young artists and…

From A Queer Ornithology

For those who delight more in the seed of things, I can say that these poems investigate queer, genderfluid indigeneity, and interspecies-relational philosophy through deep observation of wild birds.

Rick Bass, Maxim Peter Griffin

Border Dreams

I never dream about maps. I used to draw them for a living. I have dreams about every other passion. It occurs to me that to dream about maps might…

Notes from the Field

An amateur entomological and botanical study in four locations, at five different times of day, by artist Anna Garrett.

The Lightning Way

I would often sit with my grandfather outside on the porch, watching the cloudbursts roll in from the horizon. They would come in thick, dark inky blue clouds heavy with…