She speaks

Camilla Nelson poetry



in a hoar frost, she said:


the weather’s made a Miss Havisham’s wedding feast of this wood

the dark of bark and leaf is cobwebbed over

the hoar has clapped white hands over all those breathing mouths

the air nests whitely in the trees and waits like birds

like words

to be picked out of the white

and still the sky’s unmoving


and still the words freeze shapeless in the air


with so many sounds unlettered

with language paused before the thaw

with all the world now speechless

how can we mean as we did before?




by sea, she said:



crush me with your mother grip

your soothing groans unparticle

unatom & condense           fossilise

me into thicker stuff than vapid self



puzzled skies nest here in rockpools

unsure what to reflect


Image credit: Camilla Nelson

The Learned Pig

Camilla Nelson

Camilla Nelson is a poet, artist and researcher, currently based in Somerset. She successfully completed a PhD in Reading and Writing with a Tree: Practising 'Nature Writing' as Enquiry, at Falmouth University, earlier this year. Her text work has been featured in Amy Cutler's exhibition Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig (London, 2013) and Karen Pearson's outdoor exhibition in Yarner Wood, Assemblage (Dartmoor, 2012). As well as appearing in several magazines and journals, her poems have been anthologised in The Apple Anthology (Nine Arches) and Dear World & Everyone In It (Bloodaxe) and she has a pamphlet forthcoming with ninerrors press.