Little Island Press

Little Island Press is an independent publisher of new and classic poetry, fiction and international literature in translation. Inspired by some of the amateur presses of the 1920s, Andrew Latimer…

Lines in the Ice - Bradford’s photograph of the crew of the Panther with the spoils of a bear hunt

Lines in the Ice

Human Marks in the Ice Ships fighting against a freezing sea. Masts and ropes caked in ice. Crews of men hauling sledges over crumpled and broken landscapes. These are the…

Kircher, Noah's Ark

The Paper Zoo

Choosing to draw: philosophy and aesthetics Whatever else the Romans may have done for us, teaching us to draw was not one of their gifts. The two great works of…

Map of the Sanggar peninsula, 1847

Frankenstein: Before the Beginning

  Every thing must have a beginning… and that beginning must be linked to something that went before. – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.     It was precisely two hundred years…

Anais Tondeur, Chernobyl Herbarium triptych 1

The Chernobyl Herbarium

Chernobyl and Plant Life: Silent Witnessing It is incredibly difficult to talk and write about Chernobyl. No serious book on the subject has been able to dodge the task of…

Joseph Constantine Stadler, active 1780–1812, British, Fort Marlborough from Old Bencoolen, Sumatra, 1799, 1799, Aquatint, Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection


In 1818, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, newlywed husband of Sophia, Governor-General of Bencoolen, surveyed the island of Singapore, which was made a British colony early the following year.   i….

Milla Koivisto - Kaiku


Kaiku peeked through the kitchen window. The scene was empty – the Shaman was out. Kaiku went to the kitchen cupboard. Behind the pots and pans her fingers found a…

Anita Guerrini, The Courtiers' Anatomists

The Courtiers’ Anatomists

What did it mean to experiment with animals in the seventeenth century? There is much ambiguity surrounding the terms “demonstration,” “experience,” and “experiment” in this period, further complicated by linguistic…

Hugh Warwick, direct action against GM crops

Plant Migrations

With human civilisation comes ecological engineering. Over 10,000 years we have changed the world in increasingly dramatic ways. Many of these changes have been deliberate. Many have been the unintended…



Never forgive, I said that morning just as I do every morning, by the window, waiting for dawn. Never forgive. Whom? Constanza? Which one of them? Never forgive her, the…