Petites Morts

An ongoing photographic collaboration between artist Nadège Meriau and mushrooms gathered from an ancient woodland in North London.

Collaborations on the Corner

Collaboratively produced paintings on cardboard by Phill Hopkins and Jadene Imbush – part of a larger project on the UK’s burgeoning homelessness crisis.

Fields of Knowing

Orientation   First, know food From food All things are born By food they live Toward food they move And into food they return ~~ Upanishads     How do…

Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint microbial selfies

Open Call: Rot

The world is full of both collaborations and contaminations. The evolutionary theory of symbiogenesis tells us that we are born of indigestion; some 2 billion years ago, one bacterial cell…

Sophy Rickett, The Death of a Beautiful Subject

The Death of a Beautiful Subject

The Death of a Beautiful Subject is a multidisciplinary project by artist Sophy Rickett, which takes as its starting point a series of butterfly photographs taken by the artist’s father….

IC-98, still from Theses on the Body Politic - Colony - 2010

A View from the Other Side

Spot-lit in the cavernous darkness, a model of a city. A model city: monotone, empty, pure, with the pristine edges of laser-cut steel glinting under light. It sits in the…

Lost in Fathoms

Stumbling dim across the surface of the earth: humanity. Our legacy not culture or religion or science, but ruin. Our lasting traces that of footprints, not brain waves. Is this…



This summer sees the launch of a brand new academic journal: Fungiculture. Subtitled “A Journal for Psychedelic Culture Studies” Fungiculture was conceived over the past six months or so by…

Objects in the Field

Collaboration between the arts and the sciences is both increasingly prominent and, perhaps as a consequence, increasingly problematic. Projects and practices describing themselves as interdisciplinary collaborations are on the rise,…

LS Lowry, Going to the Match

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Poets on Twitter

Reading collaborations Between poet and poet I think           how does this work What do they do          how do they Talk to each other without Getting confused One of the poets…