Scott Grant triptych resize 2


High electric masts broadcast the turnpike’s hyphenations: Flat, dashed boxy. Their bold yellow glow adumbrating distance, blinking smaller then vanishing. The slow-going traffic signals our taking it for granted, this…

Pallister Caged Extinction

Extinction and the Image

Animals. The non-human kind. They are everywhere in an increasingly virtual world and more often not there in reality. Our eyes and minds seem instinctively to search out and recognise…

Lines in the Ice - Bradford’s photograph of the crew of the Panther with the spoils of a bear hunt

Lines in the Ice

Human Marks in the Ice Ships fighting against a freezing sea. Masts and ropes caked in ice. Crews of men hauling sledges over crumpled and broken landscapes. These are the…

Kircher, Noah's Ark

The Paper Zoo

Choosing to draw: philosophy and aesthetics Whatever else the Romans may have done for us, teaching us to draw was not one of their gifts. The two great works of…

Hestia Peppe, dyspraxia 1

A Dys-Praxic Sketchbook

I used to think that the only skill I had was drawing. It was only much later that I realised that it was simply the only skill that I had…

Jiang Zhi The world is yours, as well as ours - Display 24

Duelling Hagiographies: Mao and Modernism

The world is yours as well as ours: a statement in which ancestry maintains a dialectic with reconstruction; engineered to mobilise disjunctions with the past over a period spanning sixty…

Gemma Anderson - Isomorphology


For interdisciplinary artist Gemma Anderson, drawing is a mode of knowing and seeing. While drawing is often understood in terms of isolated observation, by sharing the process with a community,…

Maria Pääkkönen - Revisiting Unkown Places

Revisiting Unknown Places

The art of Maria Pääkkönen concerns itself with a reciprocal relationship between drawing and place. On the one hand is the drawing of the place – that which is observed,…

HOUSEWORK Lizzie Lloyd


In November 2015, eleven artists took on a Victorian ruin. I was one of them. The resulting exhibition, HOUSEWORK, set out to re-inhabit the stripped-out terrace. In it, paintbrushes and…



A little over eight years ago Jeppe Hein, the Danish installation artist, gave a presentation at the Barbican at which he talked about his Modified Social Bench series. His installation…

Euclid's First Definition

Euclid’s First Definition

    Cover image: Euclid, Stoicheia (Elements). Manuscript, Constantinople, September 888. MS. D’Orville 301, fols. 113v-114r © Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (via Alain R. Truong)