Turning Tables

An in-depth essay on the work of artist-activist Kathryn Eddy, from Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s new book, Listen, we all bleed, published by New Rivers Press, November 2021.

Breathing Trees

On a writing residency in the Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon, Gavin Van Horn embraces the vital possibilities of more-than-human perspectives.

Compassionate Climate Activism

Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate Chris Gaynor on the compulsion to protect, educate and care for our species.

Animals out of Place

Animals Out of Place

There’s a post on Instagram; a photo mottled with gallery reflections, close-up and a little oblique. It shows a vintage glass slide of a zookeeper and his charge. It’s not…

Antony Gormley

Art in a deteriorating world

An epistolary exploration of art’s moral responsibilities   “In the era of not yet, barely daring to guess of how soon,” wrote Welsh-British writer Horatio Clare about the melting sea…


On the morning of April 21st, my phone showed several missed calls. My colleague Cath had been burgled in the early hours. We spoke briefly as she waited for the…

What is it like to be a pig?

Most people know little about the characters and habits of the farm animals that live around us, often hidden away from view in large industrial sheds. What are they like,…

How do we improve the lives of pigs?

Ever since the idea of ‘intensifying’ pig production began to be discussed there has been a lively debate surrounding the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of taking pigs from outside and housing…

More cats

The Unending Cycle

For Ayesha I look into Haruki’s eyes and discover something that disturbs me profoundly. There is a familiarity. In the aftermath of The Demolition Of My Construct (my break-up), I…

Louise Pallister

The Second Body

At 6 a.m. on a Thursday morning in November it was completely dark outside, but the butcher’s shop was strip-lit and the raw meat area was full of busy young…

David Lisser

The CleanMeat Revolution

In The Box Gallery at the heart of We The Curious – Bristol’s centre for science and technology – is David Lisser’s exhibition, ‘The CleanMeat Revolution’. From the vantage point…