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The Unending Cycle

For Ayesha I look into Haruki’s eyes and discover something that disturbs me profoundly. There is a familiarity. In the aftermath of The Demolition Of My Construct (my break-up), I…

Louise Pallister

The Second Body

At 6 a.m. on a Thursday morning in November it was completely dark outside, but the butcher’s shop was strip-lit and the raw meat area was full of busy young…

David Lisser

The CleanMeat Revolution

In The Box Gallery at the heart of We The Curious – Bristol’s centre for science and technology – is David Lisser’s exhibition, ‘The CleanMeat Revolution’. From the vantage point…

Coyote Journal

I was raised by a nanny for most of my life. She was an illegal immigrant from Guatemala that made it to Los Angeles, and then into my family home….

Louise Pallister wolf monotype 1050

Significant Others

  If a lion could talk, we could not understand him. – Ludwig Wittgenstein     I am animal and so are you, but where do we start and end,…

Rebecca Clark II

Editorial: Wolf Crossing

Look into the eyes of the wolf. What does it see? On 29th August 2016, shortly after the announcement of Steve Bannon’s appointment as Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO, The…

Reading Prison, exterior image

Art Angels / Property Guardians

  Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison   On a bright morning at the beginning of September I joined members of the press on a visit to the former…


The Restless Whirlpool of Life

“Go faster, harder; be stronger, tougher,” – just some of the words I use as mental self-flagellation in those critical first five minutes pounding the pavements on my early morning…