Cartographies of the Imagination

Cartographies of the Imagination explores the outer limits of what a map can be, interrogating the bit of lost land that falls between the pages of an atlas, journeying to…

Peckham Pelican

All Tomorrow’s Publishers

Saturday-Sunday 17th & 18th October 2015, Noon – 5pm The Peckham Pelican FREE! This October, The Learned Pig is delighted to be co-curating All Tomorrow’s Publishers, a weekend fair for…

Orford Ness

The Story of a Single Rock

Like many stories, this one begins with a rock, in fact one rock amongst many: the shifting shingle which geographically defines and continually redefines the salt marshes of Orford Ness….

Peckham Pelican

Journals and Imprints Fair

  Sunday 22nd June, Noon – 4pm The Peckham Pelican FREE!   This June, The Learned Pig is delighted to be co-hosting a Sunday afternoon journals and imprints fair, as…

Shorelines Festival 2013

Shorelines Festival 2013

The perennial danger of the small town literary festival is that it takes place solely within the confines of a conference centre / tent / town hall or other academic…