Mirror Mirror

Tom Lovelace introduces Mirror Mirror, a remote collaborative project involving live performance, photography and digital technologies.

Spoiled Waters Spilled

Previewing an exhibition exploring rivers, contamination and cross-border circulation. Part of Manifesta 13 Les Parallèles du Sud.

Artist-in-Residence: Rosa Farber

Welcome to The Learned Pig’s inaugural artist residency! This residency is in part the result of ongoing discussions among our editorial team. We’ve been trying to think through ways to…

Andy Holden & Peter Holden - Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Freud would have loved this exhibition. Ostensibly Natural Selection – a collaboration between artist Andy Holden and his father, ornithologist Peter Holden – is about birds, nests and eggs. It’s…

Night Horse 3

The Night Horse and the Holy Baboon

Victoria Rance and I met at Newcastle University in 1980. We were studying Fine Art and English Literature respectively and have remained friends ever since. We share an interest in…

Patrick Coyle, The Floating Thirty-Nine. Credit: Peter Kidd, 2016.

Archipelagos of Rest

The God of Genesis had no use for islands; land rose from sea all at once, assured with purpose. Like cognition, the divine continent is quantifiably useful, brokering communal exchange…


The Restless Whirlpool of Life

“Go faster, harder; be stronger, tougher,” – just some of the words I use as mental self-flagellation in those critical first five minutes pounding the pavements on my early morning…

Milla Koivisto - Kaiku


Kaiku peeked through the kitchen window. The scene was empty – the Shaman was out. Kaiku went to the kitchen cupboard. Behind the pots and pans her fingers found a…

Edge and Shift: Brighton Festival and HOUSE

Agnes Varda, the legendary eighty-six year-old Belgian filmmaker and artist, is putting the finishing touches to an installation. Towers of lurid plastic buckets and baskets, the pleasing wordplay of “Ping-Pong…

IC-98, still from Theses on the Body Politic - Colony - 2010

A View from the Other Side

Spot-lit in the cavernous darkness, a model of a city. A model city: monotone, empty, pure, with the pristine edges of laser-cut steel glinting under light. It sits in the…