CC O Hanlon wolf

A Wolf, Crossing

When night falls in the Charente, the inhabitants of its rural villages retreat to their homes. They lock their doors and pull iron-hinged timber shutters over every window. Pale sandstone…

6-Anne-Marie Filaire_Zone de securite¦ü temporaire_desert du Danakil_Erythree_novembre 2001

Zone de sécurité temporaire

There is a strange but commonly used French phrase with no precise parallel in English: entre chien et loup – between dog and wolf. It refers to twilight, when the…

Anita Guerrini, The Courtiers' Anatomists

The Courtiers’ Anatomists

What did it mean to experiment with animals in the seventeenth century? There is much ambiguity surrounding the terms “demonstration,” “experience,” and “experiment” in this period, further complicated by linguistic…