Other Cartographies

+ Other Cartographies

Kiara Marina Firpi Carrión reveals the motivations behind + Other Cartographies, a research project to highlight work by women map-makers.

Andy Holden & Peter Holden - Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Freud would have loved this exhibition. Ostensibly Natural Selection – a collaboration between artist Andy Holden and his father, ornithologist Peter Holden – is about birds, nests and eggs. It’s…

Green Boots

The water falls on her head, on her face, around her ears. She sits on the floor and it falls encasing her in the only shelter she has found in…



We have been taught to believe that werewolves only change into their cursed form on full-moon nights, but perhaps – and this is speculation – on nights without full moons,…

A Hole at the Core

I re-encounter the incised apple indirectly, in the mirror-image. Glancing across rows of burnished half-pint beer glasses, their reflections bounced back and forth on opposing glass surfaces, it is on…

Daina Ashbee, Unrelated. Performed by Areli Moran and Paige Culley, Photo by Sarah-Marie


A young woman slams her naked body furiously against a wall, again, again, and again, so brutally that I have to remind myself to breathe. Only moments before, I’d carefully…



Never forgive, I said that morning just as I do every morning, by the window, waiting for dawn. Never forgive. Whom? Constanza? Which one of them? Never forgive her, the…