Artist Joana Moll introduces 4004, a new project that explores the devastating impact of technology on climate change and biodiversity.

Fields of View

Chicago-based naturalist and botanist Andrew Hipp on the connecting threads between science, natural history and writing.

Sue Spaid

Bees, Art and Biodiversity

How can artists improve biodiversity? Philosopher, author and curator Sue Spaid’s 2020 lecture explains (includes video + edited transcript).

Claire Morgan

Dead Owls and Blue Bottle Flies

Heather Swan, author of Where Honeybees Thrive, explores the taxidermy art of Claire Morgan alongside her own encounters with owls and death.

Notes from the Field

An amateur entomological and botanical study in four locations, at five different times of day, by artist Anna Garrett.

Sophy Rickett, The Death of a Beautiful Subject

The Death of a Beautiful Subject

The Death of a Beautiful Subject is a multidisciplinary project by artist Sophy Rickett, which takes as its starting point a series of butterfly photographs taken by the artist’s father….

Binbag, Pavement Tree, Chainlink Fence

Dandelions poking through a chainlink fence; brambles sprouting from an unknown corner; a binbag gashed open, spewing out its contents; scattered leaves; a dead fly. Mimei Thompson paints the everyday…

(Re)Imagining the Insect

54 million years before humans appeared on earth, there was once upon a time an insect that died, its cadaver is still visible and intact, the cadaver of someone who…