Mark Peter Wright - Tasked to Hear

Tasked to Hear

On 30th March 2013 Mark Peter Wright made his way to a point in South Gare – a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of reclaimed land to the south of Teesmouth – and…

Juan Fernando Herrán, Campo Santo, 2006

The Beast is not only the Tiger

The top floor of a modernist apartment block seems an unlikely location for the studio of an artist best-known for his engagement with botany. Nonetheless this is where we find…

Orford Ness

The Story of a Single Rock

Like many stories, this one begins with a rock, in fact one rock amongst many: the shifting shingle which geographically defines and continually redefines the salt marshes of Orford Ness….

To Solve Such An Equation

Seven Counter-clockwise Turns Around Ruin Lust   Have you ever known a place which seemed to have no beginning and no end? Paul Nash, Monster Field     1. The…

Darren Almond, White Cube installation shot

To Leave a Light Impression

An exhibition of large-scale landscape photographs of ethereal beauty opens today at the Bermondsey Street outpost of White Cube. Darren Almond’s latest work follows on from his last solo show…

Trevor Kiernander art studio

Trevor Kiernander

It wasn’t until he told me that I made the connection. I’m not sure whether I should tell you though. Whether it changes the experience of seeing too much. Knowing…

Hidden Landscapes Project

Hidden Landscapes Project

“Over the course of 12 months, beginning September 2012, eight sites located within and around Letchworth Garden City were explored and narrowed down to four (Sites 1, 2, 3 and…