An interview with Baz Nichols, editor of Echtrai, a new art and literary journal exploring landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, mythic.

Alice Entwistle

In the PoemGarden

A personal essay by Professor Alice Entwistle of the University of South Wales exploring the many connections between poetry and gardening,

Songs We Learn from Trees

Chris Beckett and Alemu Tebeje give the lowdown on the Amharic poetry of Ethiopia. Then poetry by Solomon Deressa, Gebre Kristos Desta and Liyou Libsekal.

All The Places

Three poems by South African poet and clinical psychologist Musawenkosi Khanyile, from his recent collection, All The Places, published by uHlanga Press.


  Chamomile Freak-show Poisonous in the wild, or so I was told, overtaking the verges on the main road, probably nothing after oversized daisies perhaps, a gem or relaxation abates….

Dicksonia Antarctica

  The Tree Fern I once had a Tree Fern (Dicksonia Antarctica) For many, many years my First view each morning From our upstairs window. Beautiful, sweeping fronds So elegant…

Canta de mí Sangre

  Unabashed Creek bed: clear green washes all stones un-rough in smooth grip when the light spills and it is mid-week, no one is aware skins shed. Trees strip slipping…

Entrained Rhythms

I: Aretha I’ve just moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where at first I knew no-one, apart from my old friend Kalle, who with characteristic kindness invited me to go see Amazing…

Pierrette Bloch

Open call: Rhythm

  *** Rhythm is currently closed for submissions. We will reopen again soon. You can sign up to our newsletter for updates. ***   From the impact of clocks on…

SJ Fowler

On Time and Mess

  Once we understand excess, then we can get really simple. – Robert Rauschenberg     Exploring poetry’s absent indispensable character Because poetry is not a thing that lives, to…