Coring Europa / induction rhetoric

Two new poems by Josh Allsop, whose research explores the experience of difficulty in the poetries of Geoffrey Hill and J.H. Prynne.

John Stark


The Circe myth updated for the age of synthetic biology: disconcerting new writing by Erin Rogers, with accompanying art by John Stark.

The Old Weird Albion

Histories and hauntings of the English South When I think of the South Downs, I see a watercolour of Beachy Head by Eric Ravilious. A chalky white cliff illuminated by…

Night Horse 3

The Night Horse and the Holy Baboon

Victoria Rance and I met at Newcastle University in 1980. We were studying Fine Art and English Literature respectively and have remained friends ever since. We share an interest in…



We have been taught to believe that werewolves only change into their cursed form on full-moon nights, but perhaps – and this is speculation – on nights without full moons,…

Seamus Heaney cover 1000

Great and Small Mythologies

Book VI of Virgil’s Aeneid, released last year in a posthumously published translation by Seamus Heaney, is concerned, amongst other things, with the inadequacies of art. In it, Virgil describes…


Being a Beast

Mankind has celebrated a close connection with the animal kingdom since our Stone Age ancestors dressed in furs and painted bison on cave walls. Mythology abounds with tales of creatures…

Joanna Kirk, On a Headland of Lava Beside You, 2014, Image courtesy the artist and BlainSouthern

On a Headland of Lava Beside You

Joanna Kirk and I are both artists living in Blackheath and have become good friends over time as our children are the same age, friends and at school together. This…

Dead Bears and Pylons

“What the hell is that?” The man was at the bottom of Millfields Park in Hackney, can of lager in hand. He frowned across the Lea River at a cormorant…