Peppered Moth

Our Wings

Fair is fair, and clear is clean. Clean air is clear, clear air is clean, though I fathom the factories fair fouled it up. Particulate, exudate, aerosols, mud, benzene, dioxins,…

Jing Jin City 1

Ghost Town Luxury

Jing Jin City is a luxurious not-quite ghost town in the north of China. By 2004, some 3,000 luxury villas had been constructed about an hour’s drive from Beijing, along…

Emma Wieslander, The Weight of Stone, Park 1

The Weight of Stone

The Weight of Stone (2014) is a body of work about the former mining town of Kopparberg in Sweden. Kopparberg used to be a sprawling mining town from the 17th…

Parakeets London

Parakeets and Purity

Because the land, the country, is such a focus of horticulture, there are important moments when its extraordinary fetishisation has connected it with movements of the extreme right: rhetorically, to…

Halonen, Pekka, Washing on the Ice, 1900

Editorial: Clean Unclean

My side of the desk is scrupulously clean. The other half is a mess of dust and papers, temporarily abandoned books, a pair of tights, a lump of local granite….

Painting of a Mouse, by Shibata Zeshin

Of a Mouse, To a Mouse

The clean pink two back feet he has have long toes almost like a bird’s. Unlike a bird’s, the tail, a draggled earthworm, limps behind his search. Head joined on…

Gao Qipei - Stag. Walters Art Museum

In Richmond Park

Here is the cusp of November colour: deer in a nicotine prairie. Trunks snaked by squirrels, clouds and crows over yellow and russet leaf-rag. On thin legs, bulbous-jointed like twiglets,…

(Re)Imagining the Insect

54 million years before humans appeared on earth, there was once upon a time an insect that died, its cadaver is still visible and intact, the cadaver of someone who…