The Four Seasons

A collaborative essay and acoustic piece by Chris Turnbull and Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim. The project documents an abandoned black walnut grove in Kemptville, Ontario, through acoustic recordings and observation.

Petites Morts

An ongoing photographic collaboration between artist Nadège Meriau and mushrooms gathered from an ancient woodland in North London.

Giancarlo Scaglia

Gold and Guano

“Thinking takes place in the relationship of territory and the earth,” wrote Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in Geophilosophy, an essay published in their 1991 collection, What is Philosophy? Standing…

Caroline Harris


Beyond the chain-link fence of my primary school, across the alleyway into town, was a land of fascination. We called it the ‘waste ground’ and I’d wander there looking for…

12. RX15260 (The Bestowal of the Order of Saint-Spirit, in the Chapel of Versailles Palace [3 June 1724]), 2016 -® C2RMF_Alejandro Guijarro, courtesy Tristan Hoare


If, as Rebecca Solnit has argued, “science is how capitalism knows the world”, then it should not be surprising that, as new auction records are broken seemingly every week, it…

Hugo Wilson, Chroma Hunt

Chroma Hunt

From cave drawings to medieval tapestry, classical pottery to Rubens or Rembrandt, the hunt has provided artists with powerful subject matter for thousands of years. Much of this power has…

Cheri Smith triptych 4

Fruiting Bodies in the Forest School

Fungi are unusual. They are easier to define through a process of elimination, by identifying what they are not. They are not animal, mineral or vegetable, but ‘fruiting bodies’, strange…

The New Concrete

The history of concrete poetry charts a path from utopia to dystopia. You could say that there’s a secret history of the second half of the twentieth century embedded in…