Mirror Mirror

Tom Lovelace introduces Mirror Mirror, a remote collaborative project involving live performance, photography and digital technologies.

John Stark


The Circe myth updated for the age of synthetic biology: disconcerting new writing by Erin Rogers, with accompanying art by John Stark.

August & Grain

  The fields were sudden bare – John Clare       Across the field, a half-mile or more away – across a dry liquid rustle of oats – a…

Dessins de téléphone

          This is part of RHYTHM, a section of The Learned Pig devoted to exploring rhythm as individual and collective, as poetic and biological, and the ways that…

Sur toute la ligne

  As walking, talking and gesticulating creatures, human beings generate lines wherever they go. – Tim Ingold, Lines: A Brief History (2007)                …

Scott Grant triptych resize 2


High electric masts broadcast the turnpike’s hyphenations: Flat, dashed boxy. Their bold yellow glow adumbrating distance, blinking smaller then vanishing. The slow-going traffic signals our taking it for granted, this…

A Pervert’s Guide to the Apocalypse

The bold white title reads “Cool Photos”. I dutifully open the email to find yet another link to yet another photo essay from yet another intrepid, probably amateur photographer who…

IC-98, still from Theses on the Body Politic - Colony - 2010

A View from the Other Side

Spot-lit in the cavernous darkness, a model of a city. A model city: monotone, empty, pure, with the pristine edges of laser-cut steel glinting under light. It sits in the…