Digging in this Dirt

With his wife Kerstin, Josh Mabie co-owns Pied Beauty Farm, a no-spray orchard, flower farm, and apiary just outside of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Compost: Turning the Heap

Taking time to reflect: artist Kathrin Böhm on sustaining an art practice while resisting the pressure of endlessly producing more projects.

Alice Entwistle

In the PoemGarden

A personal essay by Professor Alice Entwistle of the University of South Wales exploring the many connections between poetry and gardening,

Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint microbial selfies

Editorial: Rot

Editor Julia Cavicchi introduces Rot, a section of The Learned Pig exploring multispecies creativity through modest tales of collaboration and coexistence.

Compassionate Climate Activism

Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate Chris Gaynor on the compulsion to protect, educate and care for our species.

Editorial: Fields

In May 1982, American artist Agnes Denes began to transform a two acre empty plot at the foot of the World Trade Center into her work Wheatfield – A Confrontation,…

Entrained Rhythms

I: Aretha I’ve just moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where at first I knew no-one, apart from my old friend Kalle, who with characteristic kindness invited me to go see Amazing…

The Wandering Walk

The Wandering Walk is a site-specific installation located on the South Fyn Danish Island of Ærø. It engages with the familiar practice of walking as a mode of perception to…

Jussi Kivi

Editorial: Root Mapping

  There is no map to the place we are going. We will be lost for a good, long time. — Eva Saulitis, Becoming Earth (2016)     Between Vermont’s…

Epistle of Othea


The Learned Pig is changing. Since launching in November 2013, The Learned Pig has taken an instinctive approach to editorial. We have published what feels right to us and we…

Antony Gormley

Art in a deteriorating world

An epistolary exploration of art’s moral responsibilities   “In the era of not yet, barely daring to guess of how soon,” wrote Welsh-British writer Horatio Clare about the melting sea…