Absence of Evidence

A new photographic collaboration between art duo Henry/Bragg and former street sex workers in Hull honouring 14 of their fellow workers who have died.

Rebecca Clark II

Editorial: Wolf Crossing

Look into the eyes of the wolf. What does it see? On 29th August 2016, shortly after the announcement of Steve Bannon’s appointment as Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO, The…

6-Anne-Marie Filaire_Zone de securite¦ü temporaire_desert du Danakil_Erythree_novembre 2001

Zone de sécurité temporaire

There is a strange but commonly used French phrase with no precise parallel in English: entre chien et loup – between dog and wolf. It refers to twilight, when the…

Daina Ashbee, Unrelated. Performed by Areli Moran and Paige Culley, Photo by Sarah-Marie


A young woman slams her naked body furiously against a wall, again, again, and again, so brutally that I have to remind myself to breathe. Only moments before, I’d carefully…


Open Call: Wolf Crossing

In Finland there is a line around the city: susiraja, the wolf border. Within is law and order: shopping malls and social security. Beyond the susiraja lie the wilds and…