Moon and More

Short lyric memoir exploring the deep maps of place and being – previously unpublished writing by Lori Mairs (1961- 2021).

…como na morte crescem as heras…

‘to fall like a wounded animal into a place that was meant for revelations’ – a new series of photographs by Brazil-based artist Alix Breda.

Spoiled Waters Spilled

Previewing an exhibition exploring rivers, contamination and cross-border circulation. Part of Manifesta 13 Les Parallèles du Sud.

Compassionate Climate Activism

Vermont-based environmental and social justice advocate Chris Gaynor on the compulsion to protect, educate and care for our species.

All The Places

Three poems by South African poet and clinical psychologist Musawenkosi Khanyile, from his recent collection, All The Places, published by uHlanga Press.

Antony Gormley

Art in a deteriorating world

An epistolary exploration of art’s moral responsibilities   “In the era of not yet, barely daring to guess of how soon,” wrote Welsh-British writer Horatio Clare about the melting sea…

Deborah Westmancoat

The World Without Us

Deborah Westmancoat is a British contemporary painter based in Somerset, UK. She has a long term interest in alchemy and the philosophical sciences and how they help us to understand…

from ‘swims’

swims is a long poem documenting wild swims across the UK. swims starts and end in Devon, my home county, moving through Somerset, Surrey, the Lake District, London, Wales and…

Washing Hands

About twenty years ago I met an Irish girl. She had grown up in the countryside on a farm and, when she told me about her childhood, it sounded like…

Janne Malmros - Red Algae 2

Red Snow

Albedo is the fraction of solar energy reflected from the Earth back into space. The word stems from Latin and means whiteness. Ice, with snow on top of it, has…