Why You Shouldn’t Follow Poets on Twitter

LS Lowry, Going to the Match

Reading collaborations

Between poet and poet

I think           how does this work

What do they do          how do they

Talk to each other without

Getting confused

One of the poets

is someone I’ve

never heard of before

I like his poem            it’s about

England and America and

Yard sales and tat

And memories

Containing culture

Containing nothing

But nightmares and bad

Dreams of what society used to be

Dreams that are no longer dreams

But reality            I think           I’d like to

Follow him on twitter

But am depressed to find         when

I track him down          that he doesn’t talk

About poetry or words or memories

Or anything really except ESPN

And football.


Image credit: LS Lowry, Going to the Match, Halcyon Gallery


The Learned Pig

Crystal Bennes

Crystal is a writer, curator, editor, artist, publisher, maker, researcher, classicist, poet, copywriter, cook, wannabe dramatist, etc etc etc. She is Poetry Editor of The Learned Pig; Contributing Editor of Icon Magazine; Co-editor of Pages Of (a printed triannual culture + urbanism magazine); and 1/4 of the London-based centre for food research and experimentation, The London Research Kitchen. She has a PhD from King’s College London in Latin Literature – specifically the Latin poet, Lucan – and its reception in 18th-century France.